About me

Daniel Bath

Originally from Columbia, MD, I attended Swarthmore College for my undergraduate education with an interest in humanities and an intention to study art history or critical theory. I soon realized I really like math. I graduated Swarthmore with high honors in 2012 and began my Ph.D. in Mathematics at Purdue in the fall of 2013. My advisor is Uli Walther.

While attending Purdue allowed me to pursue my academic interests and further my research, it also afforded me a chance to explore the Midwest, a part of the country I was previously unfamiliar with. I enjoy climbing and have had the opportunity to do so around the region despite Indiana’s relative flatness. Three years ago my partner and I rescued our dog Brandy (pictured left) and she has been a faithful companion on many of these adventures.

Email me at dan.lloyd.bath@gmail.com

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